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The age for children applying to The St John Christian Academy II is age 2 to 3 years old. A child must

be 2 on or before December 31 st . We understand preschool readiness really depends more on

development factors than chronological age. Therefore, it is wise to prepare a child physically,

emotionally, and socially for the classroom. For these reasons we ask that parents/guardians consider

these five questions before enrollment.

1. Separation Anxiety

Is your child emotionally ready for nursery-preschool? Your child may know all his/her letters,

shapes, and colors, but unless he/she is emotionally ready for the day-to-day challenges at

preschool, it may not be time yet. If your child is still not comfortable being away from you,

he/she is not ready for preschool.

2. Social Development

How much experience has your child had with other kids? Does your child like it and does

well? Typically, by 3 years old, a child starts to play with others and are able to engage in

imagination play. Your 3-year-old should therefore be able to be socially aware of how to treat

other children before starting preschool.

3. Potty Trained

Sometimes, we at SJCA will help with potty-training, but you the parent/guardian is required

to master the skill before the child is enrolled. Not being potty trained is a strong indication that

your child is not ready for preschool.

4. Physical Development

Does your child have the fine motor skills for handling classroom materials or the kind of

motor skills to handle playground equipment? It is true that preschool is the place where

children motor skills are fine-tuned, but 2 or 3 years old should have the motor control to keep

up with other classmates in order to be successful at preschool.

5. Communication Skills

Is the child easy to understand? Can the child ask for help when it is needed? Your child

should be able to do so and also needs to be able to communicate with other classmates. If the

parent/guardian is the only one who can understand the child’s language, the child may not be

ready for preschool yet.

*In conclusion, we at SJCA wants your child to have a positive experience. If your 2 or 3 years old

isn’t quite ready, there is no harm in waiting until the child reaches that mature point (up to 3 years 10

months old to start preschool).